September 28, 2011

Wedding: New Stationery

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It's our 4 month anniversary today and I wanted to share my new stationery with my married name.  My mom got it for me for my birthday back in July and I finally received it last week- LOVE it!

My name was written in calligraphy and then letterpressed into the paper along with a fleur de lis on both the stationery and outter flap of the envelope.  I also had a fleur de lis liner added to the envelopes and gold hand painted borders added to the the stationery and envelope.

My new stationery is from my favorite paper store, Sugar Paper, who did all of our wedding paper goods- HIGHLY recommend them!


Amanda said...

Did you take you initial from your middle name or maiden name?

Michelle said...

i love it! good paper is so important - i LOVE a nice letter press set. ♥

Shannon Dew said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous!!!