September 29, 2011

Review: Missoni For Target

I finally received the majority of my Missoni for Target order and thought it'd be fun to give a little review! Overall, I am super pleased with the quality of everything especially for the prices.  I think my favorite things are the two trays, foldable makeup bag and the blue multi color zig zag sweater!  The only thing I wasn't in love with was the rainboots mainly because they were too big in the calves on me and I have a Jimmy Choo for Hunter pair I like better.

Did you score anything from the line? Favorites?


J said...

Loveeee the Missoni for target collection. DIE for missoni. Check out my blog I just started it!

Stacey said...

I wish I could have scored something! Love everything Nicole! I really wanted one of those sweaters and a dress!


RosaLovesDC said...

I was traveling that week and I was one of those people who experienced the site crashing on checkout. Oh well, wasn't meant to be. But I am so jealous of all your housewares, they all look so cute and well made. Nice score!

Christopher said...

i am underwhlemed with MISSONI. The zig zag deisgn thing kinda gives me a headache...! i like the black and white color designs, rather than the "earthy" browns and oranges. . . .

Congrats on scoring some cuz it seems like no one else got anything! u are def on top of your online shopping game girrrrl

Natasha xoxo said...

The tea sets are gorgeous! My local targets sold out in just a few hours, so I wasn't able to grab anything.

xo, tasha
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