November 6, 2013

Current Obsessions: Sugar Paper For Target

To say I was excited about the recent Sugar Paper for Target collaboration would be an understatement [view my Instagram pic here]. I have been a huge fan of the company and used them for all of my wedding paper goods, personal stationery and for our first holiday card after we got married and have never been disappointed... the quality of their beautiful letter pressed pieces and their customer service is unbeatable! 

I had to venture to multiple Target locations in order to see all of the products [they were selling quickly and unfortunately not all stores are carrying the line] but was so glad I made the effort. Everything pictured above was under $20, with most products in the $10-$15 range. While hard to beat their original products [loving their new leopard note set and their classic kraft paper calendar], I was pleasantly surprised with how great the quality of this collaboration is for the price point. I plan on keeping a few pieces for myself but made sure to stock up on holiday gifts for friends and family [these would be the perfect stocking stuffers or gift paired with a pack of Le Pen pink pens].

Check this list on Sugar Paper's blog to see if your local Target is carrying the collection. There are a few pieces left on the brand's website but unfortunately most items are already sold out! XOXO


Stacey said...

This collaboration is so cute, makes me wish I had a reason to buy lots of wall calendars!

Five Minute Style 

natasha {schue love} said...

So want a piece of this collection...luckily our local Target doesn't sell out on these hot items as quickly as others! ;) I've heard the quality is not as great though...thoughts?

Nicole said...

It's super cute Stacey, I think they will fun gifts to give my gfs!

Natasha- The quality is definitely not as great as the original products but for the price point I would say it is really good. I had to go through and look at multiples of the same pieces to find the "good ones"... I think the vertical pink wall calendar with the cursive writing pictured is probably the cutest of the calendars and the pink casebound planners are well done... I prefer the cursive writing to the plain fonts too. Let me know if you get anything! xo

Jaclyn Giuliano said...

I love the kraft paper calendar! It look so pretty with the white text too. I think I have a good excuse to go to Target now.

Stay in the Lines

Pink Flamingo Style said...

ALL of these items make me so ridiculously happy!!! There is nothing better than fabulous stationary and paper products.