December 21, 2011

Giveaway: Missoni For Target Expresso Set & Gift Card

Remember the Missoni for Target craze a few months ago? Well I might have gone a little overboard and still have this adorable 5-piece expresso set all packaged up and not being used.  So, I have decided to do a giveaway and give it to a loyal reader!  The winner will also have their choice of a $10 gift card to either Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

To enter please do the following:
- Become a member if you aren't already {via "followers" button to the right of this post}.
- Sign up to follow me on either Twitter {here}, Pintrest {here}, Bloglovin' {here} or CurrentlyObsessed.Me {here with password Nicole's_Guide_To_StyleObsessed}.
- Leave me a comment letting me know you've done the above {let me know where you're following me} along with your email address and whether you'd like a Starbucks or Coffee Bean gift card!

In the meantime, check out some great Missoni looks for the upcoming Resort 2012 season...

{Top Row}
Carnac Kaftan $1,055. Nadia Maxi Skirt $1,485. Butterfly Print Towel $215. Guyana Kaftan $650.

{Bottom Row}
Bastia Cardigan $920. Torta Four-Wick Candle $520. Metallic Headband $110. Crochet-Knit Scarf $380.

The winner will be announced on Monday, December 26th so make sure you enter before then!  Good luck!


Katy said...

Loving the new Missoni items in their resort collection!

I follow with GFC as katygmorris and on Twitter as @katygmorris.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I prefer a Starbucks card.

katygmorris at gmail dot com

Kimmy said...

I was dying to get my hands on this set, but it sold out while I was checking out. I'm crossing my fingers, toes, and bows that I'm the lucky girl this time around! ^_^

I'm following via GFC - kimmyhuynh, Twitter - kimmyhuynh, Bloglovin', Pinterest - kimmyhuynh, and also stalking on CurrentlyObsessed.

I'd love a Starbucks card. Thank you for this and Happy Holidays!

gina said...

Love this set!
I follow via google and pinterest.
Thanks and happy holidays!

gnabeana at gmail dot com

Mindie said...

I love Missoni! I follow you via GFC and Twitter.


Kristy said...

Great giveaway!

I follow you through GFC and on Twitter, @kaflorey.

I'd love a Starbucks card!

natasha {schue love} said...

Such a fun giveaway! I follow you here and on Twitter! I would love the Starbucks card! My email is: schuelove {at}

Bridget @ Think Classy said...

I've been a long time reader of your blog and I miss your "Recent Outfits" posts!

I follow you on Twitter (@bridget0) as well as on Google Friend Connect (my blog is Think Classy)

And I'd love a Starbucks gift card. I WISH Atlanta had Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Someday, we did just get a DryBar.

I also follow you on Pinterest! :)

Nicole said...

Your style is amazing!!
I follow you on google and pinterest.

I like Starbucks!

sienkie7 at gmail dot com

Ang said...

So adorable!!! Love it!
I follow via twitter @angschreiner
Would love a starbucks gift card! :)
Thanks so much!
Merry Christmas.

Christina said...

Great giveaway, this espresso set was the only thing I wanted from the Missoni for Target collection back in September, but everything was sold out by the time I woke up!

I'm following your blog and I'm also following you on Twitter and on CurrentlyObsessed.

I would love a Starbucks card :)


e. said...

I am following this blog and following you on twitter (stareitcold)

I would pick starbucks!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

ThePhDWearsPrada said...

Love this! I've been a follower for awhile now. I just love your blog!

I am also following on Pinterest and "stalking" on CurrentlyObsessed.Me

Thanks for such a cute giveaway :)

ThePhDWearsPrada said...

Oops, forgot my email address -

Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with this set!
I am following you on twitter - katelynn514
Have a great holiday!

DMC said...

Such a cute set. Loves.

I Currently.Obsessed you!

Maggie said...

Get giveaway! I follow you on Twitter (@MaggieRochelle), Pintrest, Bloglovin' and Blogger. If I win I would like a Starbucks card.

Samantha said...

I follow you on GFC and on Pinterest!

Anonymous said...

Love! Just got a nespresso and the set would be perfect!! I follow on bloglovin

adyna said...

I wanted this set so badly, but Mission-Impossible :(

I follow via Bloglovin and Pinterest.
If I get lucky I'd prefer Starbucks.
Thanks for the cool getaway, Happy Holidays :)

mamaliu said...

Love Missoni!

I'm a google and pinterest follower!

elenaliu at gmail dot com

I love Starbucks!!

Jess said...

I follow you on google and pinterest!
Starbucks, please :)

Alicia Marie said...

I follow you on gfc and pinterest.
Love me some starbucks!

Fun giveaway!

Couture and Crayons said...

Already a follower via Google reader and now a new follower on Pintrest (love Pintrest!) Starbucks would be awesome with that Missoni espresso set. Fingers crossed.

brandy said...

The espresso set is too cute! I've been following you on google friend connect and Twitter. I'd love a starbucks card :) love your posts, Happy Holidays!

Natasha xoxo said...

I am a follower via GFC and Twitter! Love this giveaway :)

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog
follow me

cheryl denise said...

i was only able to get one piece of missoni from target - and these were on my list, so i hope i win!!!

i'm following you on GFC - cheryl denise/apeekofchic
i'm following you on twitter - cheryl denise/apeekofchic
i'm following you on pinterest - cheryl denise/apeekofchic

i'd choose the starbucks gift card.

cheryl denise
a peek of chic

Anna at Amerikana said...

Oh, how sweet! I live in Switzerland now and never had the chance to hit Target the day of the launch! If I was a lucky winner, I would love an SBUX card!

Twitter, where I follow you - amerikanashop is my name.

Merry Christmas! Heading to J.Crew 2morrow (we r in FL on vacay!) Can. Not. Wait!!! 30% and too many cute things!!!!

KellyMarie said...

I have followed your blog for a little while now and also on pinterest :)

Love starbucks!

Emily said...

I follow you on GFC and Pinterest!
I want Starbucks!!

xx Emily @

Brooke said...

I follow your lovely blog and I also follow you on Pinterest!

I would absolutely LOVE a Starbucks gift card!

Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

Tina said...

ive been a follower :) and i follow on twitter!

my email is and i'd LOVE a starbucks gift card!

fabulous giveaway!!

missfitz312 said...

Hi Nicole!
I follow your blog and I also follow you on Twitter! I am @missfitz312. My email address is I would like the Starbucks gift card please!

Thanks for doing the giveaway!

Ashley said...

I'm a new follower! I follow you on Google Friend Connect and Twitter (as @Breakfastatsaks), and I can't wait to be able to keep up with your blog better now! :)

If I won, I'd love the Starbucks gift card.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! I really wanted that set but both Target's near me only had plates/tumblers.

I follow you via GFC, Twitter, Pinterest & Bloglovin'.

I would love a Starbucks gift card is I won. We don't have Coffee Bean here.

Tinkersweetie- Beauty and Fashion said...

Hi Nicole, I love your style!

I follow you via twitter as tinkersweetie and google account.

I would prefer a starbucks gift card!

thank you!!

Summer said...

Great giveaway! I just love those little cups!

I have followed your blog for quite some time.

We do not have a Coffee Bean where I am from, so Starbucks would be my choice.


Sarah O. said...

Hello! I'm a blog follower, I added you on Pinterest (Sarah O)and I prefer starbucks (since that's all that's available in my town).

chickface (at)sbcglobal (dot) net

Anonymous said...

I want this set so bad!!!
I follow you via blogger

coffee bean for me!! : )

Allison F said...

Hi Nicole!

I follow you via CurrentlyObsessed and google. (You are also on my favorites bar)! I would prefer a Starbucks card.


BContrast said...

I follow you on here as well as Google. I would love a Starbucks gift card :) Thanks for doing a giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,
Well thanks for the opportunity to obtain those adorable mugs. It will look great in my new decorated bar/tea area. I have been enjoying your blog for a while. Also, follow you in twitter as well.
I believe Starbucks would be better since its the one near by.
Happy Holidays and can't wait to see your xmas party decor.

♥ Kellisa Christine ♥ said...

Ah! I die over that set! It was impossible to find at any targets around me! Great giveaway! I follow you on twitter and pinterest. I frequent starbucks, so a giftcard would be great as well!

hoveyfox said...

Clearly I am still asleep this morning and forgot to give you my email address and gift card preference!

I follow on GFC and twitter (@hoveyfox). My email is and I would love the Starbucks card. Thanks!

Julie said...

Love this giveaway! I follow you via twitter, pinterest and currently obsessed!

& sadly, where I am in NC, there is no Coffee Bean!

Stephanie said...

This is a great giveaway! I'm following you on your blog, pinterest and twitter. And I even link up to your site on my blog :)

I would prefer a Coffee Bean GC. One just opened in NYC and I am already addicted!

Whitney said...

That Missoni dress is to die for! :) And I'm already a follower, but I now follow you on Pinterest (my newest obsession). I've never heard of Coffee Bean...guessing Memphis isn't in the know yet about that one :) I'll be happy with Starbucks though! ha

Ashley said...

I'm a gfc follower and I'd love the Starbucks gc.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

kari jasus said...

i'd love the starbucks vard

Laura said...

Thanks for blogging and hosting this lovely giveway! I'm following you on pintrest, twitter & the blog. I would love the Starbucks card & the Missioni set. xoLaura

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love their new collection! I've followed for a long time now, and now follow via twitter. If I'm lucky to win, I'd love a starbucks cards. Thanks - and Happy Holidays!

Chandra said...

Pinterest-Chandra Caitlyn


I love your blog, I'be been reading for about a year now I really like your personal style, you have a great eye for looks that are on trend and yet wearable in real life. :)

Double said...

I follow you on google. would love to win this and starbucks gf too. Happy holidays!

Jill Marie said...

What a great giveaway! I wasn't lucky enough to score half of what I wanted from this collection as it sold out right away.

If I were to win, I'd pick a Starbucks card. I just moved from Los Angeles to New Orleans and we do not have Coffee Bean :( So. Sad.

I follow you here, pinterest, twitter, currently obsessed.

Now that i am away from California, my fashion cravings need to be met :)

Ming said...

Love the espresso set! I would love the Starbucks gift card. Following you on Pinterest

M.R. said...

I follow you on BLoglovin and GFC.

I would pick a starbucks card!

Southern Elegance said...

I love that Missoni Kaftan!
I follow your blog, twitter and pintrest!
If i were to win I would like Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

I follow you on pinterest and I am a subscriber :)

My email is and I would love a Starbucks card if I win!

Alyssa said...

love missoni's stuff for target! tried to get some stuff but my target sold out so fast!!would have loved the rainboots! Love the carnac kaftan in the resort collection!

I follow both you and the blog on twitter! @alyssawinties

Wish we had a coffee bean on the east coast so I'd have to go with starbucks!:)

MoMO said...

Great Giveaway

I follow you through GFC and Pinterest!!!

I would love a starbucks gc if I won


Carrie said...

I am following you on Pintrest. I would love both the Missoni set and a STARBUCKS gift card. is my email.


Merry Christmas!

Andrea said...

I love your blog! I followed you via email and on Pinterest. Would love a Starbucks GC if I won. My email should be linked to my account. said...

I follow you on Twitter (dreaj12)
Starbucks :)

charcoal and lime said...

I follow you here , on twitter ,and currently obsessed. We don't have yummy coffee bean here so I will go with Starbucks. Happy Holidays and thanks for all of the posts lately!

bigfashionlittlecity said...

Following you on twitter :)

I'd love to win the giveaway, but i dont have starbucks or coffee bean in this side of Australia!

Anonymous said...

I love the blog. The set would be perfect for my Nespresso machine.
I follow you via Bloglovin (

I would love a Starbucks card!

Love the blog.

Liz said...




lindsaygrim said...

I became a member and follow you on pintrest. I would love a coffee bean card.

AubreyLaine said...

I follow via GFC & Twitter
I would love the Starbucks card!
THanks for the giveaway!
littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

jillian said...

following you on GFC and pinterest!
love your blog :)
i'd like an sbux gc!!
xoxo, jillian

Nicole Elizabeth said...

I follow your blog on GFC and follow you on twitter @nicoleq73.

I'd love a Starbucks gift card!
nquirico at hotmail dot com

jewels11 said...

Hi Nicole! I am following you on all 3! I follow you on pinterest under (Anabellaruby11) on twitter as (Mafepe) and here through google. I am OBSESSED w/ this espresso set but never had any luck finding it @ any of my targets. I would like the bux card. Wish me luck!!!

Jessica said...

Hi! I am a follower- would love a Starbucks gift card!

Anonymous said...

I follow you! And I follow on Twitter @msjzv. I love your blog!! :) I look forward to seeing your recent outfits. :)

Libbeh said...

I'm following you through GFC as "libbeh" and I'd love the Coffee Bean gift card.


Christelle said...

Hi Nicole! What a fun giveaway!! I follow you on pinterest, on CurrentlyObsessed.Me and here through google. I was in love with all the missoni for target items and I had the worst luck finding any of them. Thanks for the chance and amaaazing giveaway! I would also love the coffee bean card. im way too addicted... :-)