August 19, 2011

How I Spent My... Weekend

The adorable party favors at one of my besties' Bachelorette party. So useful for our fun filled weekend in the sun!

Starting the weekend off right.

Some delicious gluten free blueberry pancakes. Click here for the recipe.

The lovely backyard.

Wine tasting Friday night.

Homemade sangria.

At Melvyn's piano bar.

Had the most amazing deep tissue massage Saturday.

Saturday night out!

Tequila (and vodka) shots in the Bachelorette's honor!

Rocking a top knot (and in major need of some highlights... good thing I'm going today!).


Sadie + Stella said...

Where is this top from in the last picture??!? The red floral ruffled ensemble?! Obsessed.

Christopher said...

the RL towels and sandals are a really good idea for party favorz. omg im so bored at work right i wish i was in the desert ;)

Grace said...

Love your "top knot" How do you do it?

Ella Pretty Blog said...

The sunlounging gifts are too cute!

What shade of nailpolish are you wearing in the piano bar picture? Such a pretty color!

Stacey said...

I love how you've done your hair in the last picture! How did you do it???

Looks like a fun weekend!


M.R. said...

I love your hair like that!

and, the sangria looks awesome!


Rae said...

Hi! I love your blog and wanted to let you know I'm giving you an award on my blog. Post will be up sometime today (saturday).

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Sadie & Stella - need to know where that red floral top is from! Top knot looks great - you should post a tutorial!

Tiffany said...

cute new layout!! love the pictures!

Christie Leigh said...

Love you top! What brand is it!