March 15, 2011

How I Spent My... Tuesday & ShopBop Reviews

Started the day off with a class at the Bar Method in Pasadena and then an iced coffee with almond milk at Le Pain Quotidien.

Then I received a much anticipated package from ShopBop's new wedding boutique. Sad to say I had high hopes for what was inside and was dissapointed. I ordered this Halston Heritage dress as a potential bridal shower dress and it was not only huge but totally see through. Bummer.

Next up was this pink Notte by Marchesa dress that I was really excited about for the "pink attire" shower my sister aka Martha Stewart is throwing for me. It's cute but I will need major alterations on this in order for it too look like it does on the model and will need to figure out how to make the rosette on the shoulder stay fluffy. It think once it's taken in and steamed it will be perfect!

Earlier this week, I received this Halston Heritage off the shoulder dress from saks. Another negative- it is actually really cute but I was going to have to have it altered and didn't think it was worth it. I guess it's not my shopping week!

If anyone has additional sizing questions feel free to leave them in the comments section and I will respond as quickly as possible!


Natasha xoxo said...

Thanks for posting! I forwarded the link to one of my bffs who is planning a wedding :)

xo, natasha
twenty-something blog

natasha {schue love} said...

I adore the second pink dress with the rosette! Super sweet.xo.

I would for you to enter my giveaway:

Amber's Notebook said...

i'm glad the Notte by Marchesa dress has potential to work its just fabulous!!
Amber's Notebook

Veronika said...

i love the pink dress! glad you're keeping it. I've been having the worst time ever shopping lately. I am just saddened by the selection of clothes in stores right now...hopefully it will get better soon!

featherfactor said...

Great reviews! I am getting married as well and am looking for reception/shower dresses so it's great to read your blog and get ideas :) said...

I love the Bar Method! Do they have Physique 57 in your area? that's also a similar/awesome workout!

Snownsun said...

Thanks! I love the reviews you have for purchases you've made. It gives me a better idea of how things fit.

Kelly said...

That first Halston Heritage dress looked so cute on the model too! Shopbop has great photos but when you buy their stuff it never looks quite the same on. That's too bad so much didn't work out for you.
At least the Notte dress fit! It's the most gorgeous of the bunch :)