December 3, 2009

A Fashion 10 out of NINE!

So pretty! The top of Kate's dress reminds me of January Jones' Versace number a few months ago (which I adored!). Also loving the little mini braid in the hair but not really digging the shoes. Overall=major LOVES!

Looking so fab and cozy in their gowns and coats

Can not wait for NINE to come out December 18th! I will for sure be seeing it opening day. With Kate, Fergie, Nicole and Penelope it's bound to be amazing!


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WOW, she has such amazing style, and so versatile; I love how she goes from Boho to Glam in one day. Totally agree about the shoes, they look like wedding shoes. I think white heels in general are always iffy; it's rare that I see a pair and love 'em, wouldn't you agree? They're tough to pull off.