October 7, 2009

Recent Purchases: It's All In The (Inter)mix

Sorry for the week long delay in new posts- I've just been super busy with work (in a good way!). I promise not to be gone for too long in the future :).

Picked these up while doing a return at Intermix on Robertson today:
Elizabeth and James "James IX" Blazer (great shoulder detail)

J. Brand Lapis "Babe" Jeans (seriously the perfect flare)

Tucker Blouse on sale

Current/Elliot Studded Shorts on sale

I have another fun purchase to share with you all (hint: shoes ...studded ...Prada) but wanted to take actual pics since it's more fun that way...Will post tomorrow!


J said...

So cute Nicole! I especially love those jeans.

Amber said...

wow I think I need those jeans in my life

Milltini said...

love the blazer...you'll wear it a lot

Amanda said...

I love the blazer for fall! How's the Babe jean different from the Lovestory?

Anonymous said...

Did you buy that shirt just cause it was named after your BFF?? xoxo