February 24, 2010

♥ Recent Outfits

The first 2 pics are pre-highlights, yikes lol

Headed For Highlights: J. Crew Sweater, Kain Tank, COH Avedon Slick Skinny Legging Jeans, Steve Madden Sandals and Hermes Bracelets

Spin Class (thought you might want to see a workout outfit!): American Apparel Zip Up, Forever 21 Racerback, Nike Running Shorts and Asics Sneakers

Work Errands: Marc by Marc Jacobs Tank, COH Avedon Slick Skinny Legging Jeans and Steve Madden Sandals

Birthday Party For Two Friends: Geren Ford Dress, YSL Tribtoo Pumps and Hermes Bracelet... plus new highlights :)


Unknown said...

Awww, Nicole...you look beautiful and I love your dress!

Aly said...

love the outfits as always ...ur so pretty<3
i feel like a bum when i see ur outfits lol..keep the fashion coming

Pauline said...

Super cute outfits! Love that Geren Ford dress. Love the highlights too, you have perfect hair!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Cute post! Love the red dress & your highlights look great :)



Unknown said...

I love the Geren Ford dress--did you buy it recently? If so, can I ask where?

Amanda said...

I love your outfits! Your new highlights look great, and I always like how you style your hair.

Jessica said...

Your highlights look great, you have beautiful hair!


tam pham said...

love the red dress! so pretty!



Anonymous said...

Nicole, I love your legging jeans. I have a sizing question? Do then run true to size?

Amber said...

OMg Nicole I love the Geren Ford Dress@

Kimberly said...

hey Nicole, love love loooove the Geren Ford Dress! Def. post more outfit pics theyre so cute!


Nicole said...

Thanks girls! You all are so sweet! Thanks for commenting :)

For those who asked, I bought the Geren Ford in December at Saks in Beverly Hills.

Rosa- The COH legging jeans are very comfy and run big! I'd size down one size. Hope that helps!

Lyndsy said...

Darling! The highlights look great and I love the last two outfits. Especially that beautiful red dress :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on the jeggings Nicole!

Anonymous said...

love the Geren Ford dress! chic!

Kimberly said...

hey doll how does the geren dress run? what size did you buy? thnx!