July 29, 2011

Birthday: Family Party

Homemade tostada bar for 16 made by my Mom.
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The pretty table set up at the "adult" table (my 6 nieces and 2 nephews were at their own table).

Blue and white decorations with sunflower accents.

My rice krispie treat birthday cake! Mom always either makes me an angel food cake with fresh strawberries or rice krispie treats- my favorites.

I'll do a birthday gift and apartment post for those that asked soon! Have a great weekend!

July 28, 2011

25th Birthday: The Great Gatsby Party

The Dress & Fur: Shareen Vintage.
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Closeup of the beaded detail.

The Jewelry: a borrowed Chanel necklace from my mom and the diamond earrings my parent's gave me on my wedding day.

The Speciality Drink: peach sangria.

Some flowers from the Downtown LA Flower Mart.

The set up.

All the little details: the pink and white straws were from my bridal shower and the cocktail napkins and fleur de lis bottle opener are from the wedding.. Fresh limes, Perrier, Grey Goose, Moet, limeade and Waterford glasses (our first time breaking them out) are always a hit!

More flowers...

The cake from Sweet & Saucy.

Sugar flowers and glitter dust close up.

Cocktail bar.

Cheese and cracker spread.

The flowers from my Mom's garden.

Our framed wedding photos arrived just in time!

The lovely flowers from my Mother and Sister-in-law.

Ranunculus in my ultra girly, pink bathroom.

Right before the party started in my Gatsby gear.

The whole Gatsby gang outside of dinner... We had quite a fun time coming up with 1920s names for each other while we waited for our table.

My handsome husband and I.

Such a fun night with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world! XO

July 26, 2011

25th Birthday: The Big Day

Woke up to this from the husband.

Then we headed to the flower mart in Downtown LA.

Some of the gorgeous flowers that came home with me...

Stopped by Petco to check out the Kitten Rescue Saturday after brunch at Marston's.

Candles for the party from Mom.

Beautiful flowers from my Mother and Sister-in-law.

Flowers from my Mom's garden.

Got my hair did for the Gatsby party!

Fruit and liquor mix-ins for the white peach sangria.

Gifts from the best girlfriends a girl could ask for.

Stay tuned for photos from my Gatsby party and Family birthday dinner! Hope you all had a great weekend!

July 20, 2011

Inspiration: Great Gatsby 25th Birthday

Saturday is my 25th birthday (yikes!) and I'm going all out and hosting a Great Gatsby attire party in honor of my favorite book!

These photos of Diane Kruger and Drew Barrymore (during the Grey Gardens era) have been the perfect inspiration for my outfit. I love how glam they look!

I got my costume at a wonderful vintage store called Shareen Vintage in Downtown L.A. The girls there are beyond helpful and they have such great finds for great prices.

Hair and makeup inspiration for the night are of my favorite beauties Diane Kruger and Sienna Miller... thinking of trying a fun lip color for a change with some retro curls and pearls!

Guide To Style Tip: When looking for inspiration photos of hair and makeup it is always helpful to find photos of someone with your similar coloring. It makes it much easier to imagine how the look or trend will play out on you!

Can't wait to share pictures with you all from the party! I'm having Sweet and Saucy bakery (the place that made my wedding cake) make my birthday cake to match my dress and I can't wait to see it...

July 17, 2011

Honeymoon Part 3: Athens, Greece

All photos taken at the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis our last day in Greece.
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