February 22, 2010


Exciting news: shopbop.com finally has free 3 day shipping and most importantly free returns! It used to take about 5 business days for me to get things from them but I'm super excited that it has been reduced to 3 days or less- never paying for overnight shipping again! The best part is not having to pay to return things now. Here are a few things I'm loving on the site right now:

Parker, Whitley Kros & Catherine Maladrino

Also, my blog closet sale is still going on so feel free to check it out and email me with any questions!


Amber said...

I am still LOVING that last dress, just trying to justify

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting the news about Shopbop!

Janelle said...

Ditto to Amber's comment. That last dress is my favorite of the 3.

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Cute post - love that middle pic (ooh those shoes).

Nicole - I love your blog! I check it daily and am always impressed. Your posts are so interesting and fun! Keep up the great work!



PS - Love the idea of the closet cleanout/sale!!! Nice!

I recently had a clothing swap with 10 girlfriends at my house and it was a huuuge success. None of us had ever been to/done one before, it was fun.