May 1, 2014

Decor: Recent Home Updates

We've been in our house almost a year now and I still haven't finished decorating. I seem to lose steam easily especially after some recent disastrous ordering experiences [backorders, damaged items being sent, etc]. The baby shower we are hosting in a few weeks is proving to be good motivation to try to work on a room or two and I'm especially looking forward to seeing this Max Wagner photo and this Serena & Lily rug in person! Would love for you to share any favorite recent decor purchases to help give me some inspiration for the rest of our home! XOXO


Brittany at Torts and a Tiara said...

I love these soft neutrals… Feels so peaceful yet cozy.

xo Britt
Torts and a Tiara

natasha {schue love} said...

I love the neutral style of your serene! Can't wait to get more peeks inside!

Heather Jacobson said...
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Heather Jacobson said...

Neimans has some pretty accents and everything is 30% off right now! Loving the framed blue coral print set.