September 24, 2013

Etc.: Recent Outfit + Giveaway Winner

[clockwise from left]
Outfit Top: Vince | Jeans: Gap [updated Gap version here] | Shoes: Chanel [look for less] 2. Ready for fall: Zara Jacket, J.Crew Leopard iPhone CaseVogue's October issue. 3. Halloween treats wrapped in Paper Source packaging. 

Sorry for the blurry outfit pic, my phone had been taking such horrible photos especially after cracking the front screen [oops!]! I searched high and low for the new iPhone this weekend but haven't had any luck so far... I'm hoping maybe later this week or early next the lines will die down and I'll be able to pick one up. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Congrats to the Melanie Auld Giveaway winner Leslie [of Leslie Ann blog]! Please check your email. Thank you to everyone that entered... I hope to bring you another giveaway soon [email me at if you'd like to sponsor a giveaway for one of your products!]! XOXO


Michelle said...

If you can stand to wait, try ordering online.. I ordered the gold on the release day and it should arrive by mid-October. ( I don't mind waiting, I really wanted the gold, and it saved me the headache of trying to find it in store). Good luck!!!

natasha {schue love} said...

Love love love those camo pants!!

Stacey said...

Love those Camo pants, I need to get a pair!

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