August 20, 2013

Decor: Our Backyard

Pillows + Cushions: Pottery Barn

One of the nicest perks of going from an apartment to a house has been having a backyard. It's been so nice to take Hudson outside to play and he loves looking at all of the flowers and listening to the sounds. We kept the yard as is besides adding a few rose bushes and hydrangea plants, hope you enjoy seeing a little glimpse of it... Btw, sorry for the slow upload process of house photos, I will try to spread them out over the next few days! XOXO


natasha {schue love} said...

Such a beautiful space!! We love having a backyard too and spend a lot of time outdoors!!

Stephy said...

Your backyard looks very serene and cozy. You really do a great job of capturing everything you photograph!

Christy Montes said...

Such lovely pictures!