February 15, 2013

How I Spent My... Valentine's Day

Baked some festive treats for our family.

Snuggled with my baby boy.
[he's wearing this Baby Gap onesie]

Received some gorgeous flowers from my hubby.

Wrapped a gift for my Valentine. 
[this was inside... we love the chopped salads at La Scala and now we can make them at home]

Opened Hudson's first Valentine from his Auntie.

Hope you all had a great day yesterday! We are continuing our Valentine's celebration this weekend with a dinner at BLT Steak... I've never been but it looks delicious. Enjoy the long weekend! XOXO


cheryl denise said...

Love that wrapping paper!! You will love BLT - it is my favorite steakhouse in DC! Just wait til you taste the mouth watering popovers- enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

OMG BLT Steak is to die for! They have one where I live, Charlotte, and it's just simply the best! Enjoy your weekend!

pretty little things said...

um those cookies look amazing -- and the little one is just too adorable! xo


bnfunky said...

If you love salad, you have have have to order the Lobster Cobb at BLT Steak this weekend. You will NOT regret it!!! Wait til you try their poppers that they bring out before :) Your baby is so cute!! Xo

Nicole said...

Thanks for the recs ladies! I'm super excited to eat there now, it sounds like it's gonna be yummy! Have a great weekend! xo

Caroline said...

Such a festive Valentine's Day! Glad the little one had a great representation of what this day should be like!

Lenya Kovacevic @ 7 Year Wedding said...

Hudson's onsie is the cutest ever!!!!! Hope you have a really nice dinner at BLT.

genevieve said...

What a special Valentine's Day, and especially so celebrating with your sweet Hudson. Thank you for taking the time to let me know where you found his little Gap booties. You are so thoughtful!

Stacey said...

Those cookie look delicious!


Five Minute Style 

Christopher said...

i havent been on your blog and forever and this is the first time im seeing your BABBBBBBYYYYYYY!!!!!! :) :) :) he is sooooo cute!!! congrats to you and matt.

Nicole said...

Hi Chris!!! Thank you :) hope you are doing well! xo