December 4, 2012

How I Spent My... Weekend

{clockwise from top left}
1. Belated anniversary chocolate covered strawberries at The Langham. 2. The view of them setting up for The Bachelorette wedding from our room. 3. Rainy day Essie Beyond Cozy manicure. 4. The Bachelorette wedding site close up. 

This past weekend we stayed at the hotel where we got married and coincidentally they were filming The Bachelorette wedding which is set to air on December 16th. We got to see some of the previous cast members around the hotel including host Chris Harrison and we saw both the ceremony and reception areas as they were setting up. Looking forward to seeing it all come together on TV especially since we celebrated our special day there too! Saturday we took a childbirth class {eek} and then had our shower on Sunday {such a great day!}. Can't wait for this little guy to get here within the next few weeks! XOXO


Stacey said...

I love your nail colour!!


Five Minute Style 

Brooke said...

Oh my gosh! How cool!

¸.•*¨) Brooke¸.•*¨)

AlinaLoves said...

What a lovely way (and place!) to spend your wedding anniversary! I like the fact that you could revive your day and special memories - so romantic! Oh, and this Essie polish is so pretty and festive! said...

I'm wearing beyond cozy too!

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That strawberries look sooo good
kisses from Milano

Nicole said...

Thanks everyone it was such a fun weekend! Xo