July 25, 2012

Shop Now: Lust vs. Must

Everyone likes comparing a good splurge vs. steal and these were worth sharing! All of these lust pieces are gorgeous and would be great wardrobe builders but the prices are a big investment. This is where the must items come in... much more wallet friendly and just as cute! 

If I could choose just one piece I'd go with the Vince Fox Fur Vest. It's a great way to transition a spring or summer top or dress in to an appropriate look for the cooler months. I have a similar piece and have worn it to death the past few years.  A close second would go to the Rag & Bone Harrow Booties since they can be worn year round with pants, skirts, shorts, dresses... you name it!

If you guys like these type of posts let me know and I'll try to make them a part of the normal line up! Also, a bunch of giveaways and a closet clean out sale coming up soon. XOXO


Jen said...

Love both shirts and the second pair of boots!! Would be such a great outfit!!!!! Will keep these in mind next time I go shopping!


Sadie + Stella said...

Kind of loving the "musts" actually. Especially that Dorothy Perkins top. Who would have known??!?!