April 6, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Did not realize my Chanel nail polish collection had gotten this out of control. With that being said, their seasonal releases are always on trend and add such pizzaz to an otherwise basic outfit so it's totally warranted, right? 

Finally bit the bullet and ordered the Current/Elliot Stiletto Leopard Jeans I was lusting after from this post.  I love their Stiletto style {no alterations needed!} and have this print and this wash on my wish list!

I was too excited to steam this out before snapping a photo; I just heart the little elephant print on this Winter Kate dress!  I'm planning on wearing it to a wedding with my Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings but am also contemplating investing in these amazing Oscar De La Renta Earrings in Turquoise or Gold.

On Wednesday I got a trim with Lisa at the Ken Paves salon and picked up some new products.  My hair has recently been a little on the dry side so she recommend this particular line from Kerastase {shampoo, conditioner and heat-activated styling treatment}.  I'm a huge Kerastase fan and also use their shampoo for highlighted hair and this shine serum.

Congratulations are in order for Hannah of What The Fashion who won the Friedasophie Giveaway! I'll be emailing you this weekend with details on your prize.  A big thank you to everyone that participated! I'm a few hours away from hitting a million page views {crazy!} and promise to do a great giveaway in honor of the occasion next week!

What is everyone's plan for the weekend? I'll be having a picnic with my best girlfriends Saturday afternoon, going on a date night with my hubby and celebrating Easter and my Dad's birthday on Sunday!  XOXO


Stacey said...

Oh wow such an amazing collection of Chanel polishes I love the lilac colour!!



Chelsea said...

You can never have too many Chanel polishes!

Chelsea (www.hautechildinthecity.com)

DeeDee said...

Loving those jeans! And you Chanel polish collection is lovely.

Melissa Blake said...

Those colors are gorgeous! Happy weekend!

Ashley Brooke said...

chanel collection is totally justified! also, i've been eyeing the same current elliott jeans, and i might be officially convinced! do they run true to size?

Veronika said...

75% of the products I use are Kerastase and I absolutely love them :) I use the hot pink, light pink and green line and love the all!

and yes, that is quite the collection of Chanel nailpolishes. I have never tried them because I have heard mixed reviews about the formulas. Do you love the formula?

Anonymous said...

kind of off topic but can you do an updated shoe collection :)

DoubleTroubleBlondie said...

LOVE Your Chanel Polishes Nicole! Such pretty colors i need to see how good they are i think :) loving the leopard jeans too!!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see an outfit post with those awesome jeans! I really love your outfit posts the most. :) (I vote for an updated shoe collection post, too) :)

Nicole said...

Ashley- I think they run a tad big so if you are between sizes go down a size. Hope that helps! They are so cute in person!

Veronika- I love Kerastase too! I'm loving this green line and am a big fan of the pink one too! As for the Chanel formula, I totally love the color but if I'm honest I think they could work on their formula. it takes a long time to dry and smudges easily :( I prefer Essie!

Thanks again for commenting! I'll try to take some updated shoe pics soon! xo