March 8, 2012

Review: Stylemint

I've been a fan of Stylemint for awhile now; back before they launched I was lucky enough to receive a few pieces from the collection and loved how soft and comfy they were!  I recently decided to become a member of the site and can now look forward to a cozy T {or two or three!} a month.  I thought $29.99 seemed pretty reasonable for a cute, fashionable shirt designed by the Olsen twins and I love the fact that you can "skip" a month free of charge if nothing catches your eye {which is highly unlikely with so many styles to choose from!}.

First up is the cute packaging; each shirt was individually wrapped in kraft paper and tied with a suede string.  I also appreciated the fast shipping; I received my shirts less than 2 days after I placed my order since I am a local Cali resident {their warehouse is based out here}.  I also need to give a hand to their excellent customer service department; unfortunately one of my shirts was not to my liking fit-wise and they were so quick to help issue a return and send me a packaging label {free of charge!}.

Since it was my first month ordering I felt a little behind and decided to pick up three t's to try out.  I choose the Madison, the Venice and the Charlton.  The fit on all three was pretty much the same {for reference I took a size 1 which is comparable to an XS}. I'm not sure if it was just the styles I choose but the length on these were a little on the shorter side.  Unfortuantely I didn't love how the Madison looked on me so I swapped it out for the Georgia which is currently on it's way; it looked adorable on Helena from Brooklyn Blonde so I'm excited to receive it!

Overall, I would definitely suggest giving Stylemint a try {I'm also a huge fan of their sister company Shoemint!}. I wore the Venice and Charlton {my favorite!} this weekend and will post recent outfit photos of both looks later today or early tomorrow!  

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RosaLovesDC said...

Oh girl, I love Stylemint!
I have the Venice in the pink/orange and recently ordered the Berlin and the Jackson in red. My favorite t-shirts ever. I can't wait to see how you style them.

Christopher said...

did u hear MK 'quit' acting? LOVE MK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eh, not a fan so far. I expected something a little more fun from their line.

Do you do any of the beauty boxes?

Mrs Independent said...

What a great idea! I will def be checking this out - you can never have enough T's!

Anonymous said...

After reading your post, I was excited to try out StyleMint. I had signed up a few months ago, but never actually made a purchase.
Well, one day later...I had terrible service through StyleMint. I attempted to change/cancel an order within 10 minutes of ordering, which they are able to do if the item has not shipped. Since it was after customer service hours, I left them a detailed voicemail and an email with the order information. They claim they do not have proof of either attempt to reach them. Do not use the email message on their website - you will have no way to track the message or have proof you sent it. Apparently their voicemail is not reliable either. Not impressed with their shady practices, which is a shame since all I had originally wanted to do was change the size of a shirt and had hoped, since it was 10 minutes after purchasing, I could avoid being sent one size, to mail it right back for a different size. Due to their poor customer service, I won't be purchasing again, even if the exchange would be "free."