February 16, 2012

Etc.: Weekend In Instagram

First day at the pool.

Can you spot the secret service man?

Early evening mountain view.

Water station at the hotel spa.

Tea station pre massage.

Last drink of the trip: Raspberry Mojito.

Airport stop at Chili's for some endless chips and salsa.

I hope everyone's week is going well!  A few more outfit posts coming up next...  Missed the Closet Clean Out Sale? Check it out here.  For the latest Guide To Style updates, follow me on FacebookTwitterCurrentlyObsessed.MePinterest and Bloglovin.  XOXO


Anonymous said...

Can you post what you got for valentines day? I used to love seeing what your mom got you or Matt. Not sure why you stopped.

Ann said...

Yum to that raspberry mojito- makes me miss summer!
Glitter and Glaze Blog

Bizi Ferguson said...

Is this in Scottsdale? If so, I've been to this hotel! So nice!

Love your blog and so happy I came across it! Now following :) Follow me back if you'd like!


Anonymous said...

So envious at the warm weather and cool drinks by the pool! I am SO happy I found your blog. This is like the third great find of the day. LOVE the layout! I'll be back for more.

Your newest follower,