November 20, 2011

How I Spent My... Weekend

1. Celebrating Matt's 26th Birthday at Mastro's.
2. Nala with the birthday gifts.
3. Birthday cake.
4. Cherry Lemon Drop... so amazing and so dangerous.

5. Christmas tree at The Grove.
6. J.Crew display... loved this and this and this.
7. Twenty8Twelve dress (no longer available).
8. Rebecca Taylor "Rose Garden" top and J.Brand "Martini" jeans for Matt's birthday brunch.

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Stacey said...

I love your last outfit!


Becky B said...

amazing!! what did you get Matt for his bday? i need some ideas, and i'm sure whatever you got him was fabulous! the wrapping alone looks phenomenal!!

NicoleCrab said...

Thanks ladies!

BeckyB- I got Matt the Steve Jobs biography, a coffee maker/coffee holder/coffee bean vanilla flavored coffee and Polo Black cologne. My mom got him a pair for Ray Ban aviators. He is usually hard to shop for but wanted a coffee maker so it worked out!

Becky B said...

nice! those are some great ideas, thanks girl!! :) lovin all your latest outfits as well btw. you never disappoint!!