October 10, 2011

Inspiration: Pinterest & Magazine Tears

I just recently joined Pinterest (username is nsguidetostyle) and love how you can have an instant style (or decor or beauty or travel... the possibilities are endless) board at the click of your mouse.  And while I might have spent a few hours this weekend surfing the web for photos to add to my boards, I still rely heavily on inspiration from my favorite fashion magazines tears.

These Vogue tears were inspiration for my Shop Now: Fur, Nude & Pleats post.


Kate Moss. Charlotte Casiraghi {Princess of Monaco} inspired my recent Parker purchase.

It's hard to go from summer to fall with the weather in LA so I still like to keep some warm weather inspiration up.

Hermes all blinged out.


Oleander said...

aww everything is so pretty . what's your pinterest id?

F and G = Téa said...

Nicole...I want to follow u on Pinterest what is ur id! I'm Divanyc

NicoleCrab said...
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NicoleCrab said...

My username is nsguidetostyle! I updated my post, totally forgot to include that!

NicoleCrab said...

opps had to delete my own comment for typos :)

Christopher said...

k8 moss can do no wrong ;)