September 14, 2011

♥ Recent Outfit & Miscellaneous

Dress: Forever 21 (from this post). Belt: Joie. Shoes: Miu Miu (not pictured). Jewelry: Jennifer Meyer, David Yurman, Cartier. Nails: OPI Suzi Takes The Wheel.

The sweetest sales woman at Target was bringing this set of 8 Missoni plates from out back and handed them right to me- major score! Seriously can't wait to get my packages in the mail and to post a review.

From the Hubby, just because.


Stacey said...

Love the forever 21 dress Nicole! I may have t hunt that down in place of a Target Missoni piece!


Christopher said...

I was reading about how the TARGET website crashed because of the high volume of traffic for the MISSONI line. LOL. Were you one of the people lined up outside the store the morning of?

La Petite Olga said...

These plates look great! Can't wait to see what you did get!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Michelle said...

your hubby is too sweet! you look fantastic as usual :)

Fash Boulevard said...

Love this post. Your husband is too sweet, flowers just because! :) I love your dress and how you accessorized it with a belt. :) Great post as always. :)

Sara said...

Looks great! I can't wait to get mine in the mail:)

cheryl denise said...

i don't know WHY i didn't think to wake up in the middle of the night like you - once i got to the store, there was only a handful of things still left that i actually wanted. can't wait to see all your goodies!!

a peek of chic

Sophie said...

Lovely dress :)