February 1, 2010

Recent Purchases

Miu Miu bag!!! So excited cause it will go with everything! I took back the white Givenchy (from a previous post) and was waiting until I saw a bag that would be a great staple. The strap is also detachable.

Asics running shoes from my Dad (decided to try something new instead of my usually Nikes)

J.Crew Scarf and Hair Clips also from Dad

2 Shopbop purchases, waiting for them to arrive Wednesday: Mara Hoffman Dress and Madewell "Anne Floral" Dress

Rebecca Taylor "Forever" Dress from revolveclothing.com (perhaps for Valentine's Day?)


Anonymous said...

I love your recent purchases post! Always inspires me to buy something!!

Anonymous said...

Love the bag! Great choice. I'm planning on getting the same one. Is that the larger size that NAP shows or the smaller size? What's the name of the color of your bag? It looks sort of like quarzo.

Amber said...

great purchases nicole! Love all as usual!


Lucky You!! All your new purchases are amazing!! And you will not regret swapping to Asics. Its my experience that they are much much better than nikes. My shin splints disappeared as soon as I made the change!!

Amanda said...

Love the purchases! Your Miu Miu bag is such a staple purse; it really will go with everything!

KB said...

Hey Nicole! Once again loving your purchases, curious as to where to find the Mara Hoffman dress since there wasn't a link, I'm going to Aruba in a few months and that looks so tropical to me :) Let me know where I can find one like it thanks so much doll!


J-ezzy said...

Love the bag!!!!!

You will LOVE your asics, I adore mines :) I think I heard they were initially made just for women by women :)

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about purchasing the Rebecca Taylor pink dress too. How was the fit? I'm usually a 0 or 2 in her line. Was it like a neon pink color? Thanks for the help! Love your blog!!! :)

J-ezzy said...

I just realized I was talking about Ryka, not Asics, where was my mind?! Sorry!

NicoleCrab said...

Thanks girls!

KB- I got the Mara Hoffman dress from Shopbop but it is sold out right now :( I sent mine back cause so check the site later next week!

J-ezzy- hehe no worries! Luckily I like the Asics so far!

Anonymous- The pink is a little bit neon in real life, I was expecting a softer peony pink so that threw me off a little. I would say the dress runs how most other Rebecca Taylor dresses run. I got a 0 and it was a little big which is usually the case with her stuff. Hope that helps!

The Queen of Hearts said...

I absolutely love the Rebecca Taylor dress! I pretty much want everything she produces every season.

As for the Miu Miu bag: I remember looking at that when it first came out a few years back and being extremely disappointed with the quality of the leather. I made sure to head to their flagship in New York, touch all of the bags, sniff them, etc... and to me, they just felt insanely cheap. I'm not trying to take away from your experience at-all (perhaps things have changed) but to me, they are one of the cheapest looking of all of the major houses.