December 20, 2009

Review: Rodarte For Target

Lets jump right into the review for the much anticipated Rodarte for Target collection that came out today. I bought stuff online last night at midnight and a lot of things are already sold out! Today I drove to 2 different Targets to see the whole collection in real life...

This is the bow slip dress that was in the December 2009 issue of Vogue. I ordered the black one online last night and am glad that I did because it was sold out at both stores I went to and is no longer available online. I have on the mustard one in the pics and it is a size small because that was all they had. I ordered an XS and think it will fit perfectly. This piece runs the most tts out of what I tried on but the chest area of the dress is on the small side.

Really liked this floral bikini for the price. The print is the same as the floral raincoat which I thought was cute. The sizing on this runs pretty true to size for swimwear- the bottoms do pinch a little more than normal at the waist but I didn't notice much difference between sizes.

This floral and black bow dress didn't do much for me. I am wearing a 1 and it was still a little bit big. I think that it makes me look bigger than I am and doesn't give much shape. Also, the fabric wasn't that great but for the price I guess it's a pretty decent dress.

This nude/black lace print dress runs on the large side. I am wearing an XS and it's big. I think it will look really cute with a belt to help with the fit and maybe tights or a sweater. I ordered this online last night since I wasn't sure what would be in stores.

The denim jacket was actually super cute! I didn't get it because they didn't have an XS and I don't really need a denim jacket (might try to find it in my size if I'm still thinking of it in a few days). This is a small and it was too big on me. The shorts were also really cute but I didn't need them. The sizing on them was kind of weird so I would try them on in person.

Ordered the above sweater online last night. It will be here Christmas Eve so I can report back with some pics and a review once I get it. They didn't have it at either store I went to.

Overall, the collection was pretty cute for the prices but the quality is just okay. I did see the leopard dress and coat and thought both looked cheap along with the light blue dress. I also didn't like any of the tops or skirts that I saw. For now I'm happy the sweater, 2 dresses and bikini that I purchased!


tam pham said...

i went to the target on 75 and haskell on friday, and the collection was all out. I got the black halter dress (which i wore to a wedding last night @ the adolphus and got tons of compliments :-). i also got the mustard yellow cardi, the black & tan dress, and the sequin leopard dress which i plan to wear for new years eve. usually, i'm not that impressed with the collections, but i thought rodarte has been the best one yet.

gigiofca said...

Great irl pics! I'm looking forward to receiving my pieces in the mail.

Mrs. Dew said...

great reviews Nicole! I really like the bikini!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the reviews! I just might have to see if I can get that bikini.

Justine said...

you look so much better in that silk bow dress than I ever could! :) I actually liked the flower one a lot, too-- I got that one, and the leopard one (you didn't have a review).


NicoleCrab said...

Glad the review was helpful!

tam pham- I used to go to that target all the time when I lived in Dallas!