August 19, 2009

The Fashion Bible Hits The Big Screen

I am beyond excited for what is sure to be the biggest fashion movie of the year: The September Issue.  This documentary follows Anna Wintour and the staff of Vogue while preparing for the biggest issue of the year (hence the title).  The gorgeous Charlize Theron is this year's September cover girl:


 And for good measure, pictured below is Sienna Miller (the 2007 September issue cover girl) and Ms. Wintour at the New York premiere:


Opens August 28th in New York and September 11th in Los Angeles and other select cities... So happy that I will be in New York for when it comes out- I am seeing it opening day for sure!!!


Miss HoneyDew said...

WOW I haven't heard about this! Sounds cool! Sienna looks beautiful at the premiere!!!

Vera Bible Covers said...

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