November 12, 2008

Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Christmas coming up means holiday shopping (which can be both fun and stressful) and with tons of friends and family to buy for I am always on the lookout for good deals.  Makeup is always a fun thing to receive and Sephora has some great gift sets that would be perfect stocking stuffers.  I just bought Stila's Shine on Gift of Glaze ($28) and The Lash Stash ($35) for myself... no harm in treating yourself :)

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Elise said...

I absolutely love your blog - 2 weeks was way too long to go without a new post, btw!

If you think it's worthy, check out my blog and possibly post a piece on it as I would appreciate it... I am starting a venture with up and coming fashion designers, and think your readers would be benefited by it. You never know if the next big talent is reading it!

Thanks Nicole, keep up the good work!