October 2, 2008

Product Obsession: La Mer

It started with the creme.  Then I just had to have the lip balm (which smells of vanilla mint).  Then it turned into a full blown La Mer obsession; I now wash my face with the cleansing foam, follow up with the tonic, next use the radiant infusion, and finish my face with a dose of either the creme or moisturizing gel cream.  When my skin needs an extra boost I use the refining facial and I am most obsessed with my tube of the body creme.  Pricey, but oh so worth it.

La Mer can be bought at Saks, Neiman Marcus and lamer.com



Christina Lee said...

I hear so much about this product but haven't yet taken the plunge- you really do think it's worth it?

Emily said...

love love love nikki!