August 24, 2008

My Favorite Dress


I'm one of those people that buy things in multiples when I love something (i.e. my 3 Theory Juliet Sweater, 6 American Apparel deep summer v-necks, 20 Juicy Couture Sweat Suits; 4 Ugg Boots...the list goes on).  This happens to be the case with Gypsy o5's Maxi Dresses.  I bought the Gray Ombre as seen on Kate Hudson and Jordana Brewster and the Cantaloupe as seen on Heroes Hayden Panettiere and now I'm contemplating yet another color (perhaps Plum a la Christina Aguliera).  The best part is that not only are these dresses super comfy but they are also made organically.

Help out the enviornment (and your wardrobe) and pick up a dress from  (available in solids, ombre, and tie dyed colors).

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